Life-threatening medical conditions – case reports

  • Corina Carmen Radu UMFST Tg. Mureș
  • Timur Hogea UMFST Tg. Mureș
  • Dana Doroftei
  • Cosmin Carașca UMFST Tg. Mureș
Keywords: forensics, trauma, life-threatening conditions


Life-threatening lesions represent those types of lesions that certainly lead to the victim’s death if no qualified medical care is applied in due time. We hold important the aspect of imminent danger, and that the lesion, in its natural way of evolution, will determine the person's death, his life being saved only by a qualified medical intervention. The juridical correspondent is represented in article 194: bodily harm - The new criminal code and the new criminal procedure code. The authors review and comment on the main particular aspects of life-threatening traumas, based on topography, anatomical aspects and forensic interpretation, in order to offer arguments to be incorporated from a medico-legal point of view, reported to the criteria of life-threatening conditions. We shall illustrate the subject by 6 case reports.

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