Ambulatory treatment of pressure sores in a patient without neurological lesions

  • Anca Cighir Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology of Targu Mures
  • Paul Antoniu Adrian Boțan
Keywords: pressure sores, immobilization, modern absorbent dressings



Pressure sores have been defined as areas of localized soft tissue ischemic necrosis caused by prolonged pressure related to posture, which usually occur over a bony prominence. The most affected areas are those that undergo a lot of tension such as trochanters, sacrum, malleoli, heels and occiput.

Most people that are affected by pressure sores have an underlying pathology that makes them immobile, confining them to chairs or bed for longer periods of time. Pressure ulcers may have direct causes (pressure, shear, friction, immobility, loss of sensation) or indirect causes.

Case presentation:

This paper will present the case of a 53 year old male. After about 3 weeks of being immobilised in bed in dorsal decubitus due to an acute respiratory distress which required intubation and mechanical ventilation, the patient developed very large pressure sores on the left sacral and buttock area and left sole. He was treated in the outpatient department using multiple therapeutic protocols based on the alternation of antibiotic creams and modern absorbent dressings.


The evolution of this patient was long but favorable, the left sacral and buttock area eschar closing completely while the sole eschar had a good evolution but is still undergoing treatment.

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